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Llamado a Beca de Investigación: Materiales inovativos para remediación medioambiental

Descripción: La fundación sin fines de lucro Visionando, se complace en anunciar la disponibilidad de una beca de investigación para estudiantes de grado en Física, Química, Ciencias de los Materials o Ciencias Ambientales. Esta beca busca apoyar el estudio y aplicación de materiales inovativos para enfrentar temas de investigación relacionados a la remediación medioambietal.

Announcement for research grant: applications of nanotechnology to the coastal ecosystem of the Dominican Republic.

Organized by: Visionando ONG

Description: The nonprofit Visionando Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of a research grant for undergraduate students in Basic or Environmental Sciences. This grant aims to support the study and application of nanotechnology to the coastal ecosystem of the Dominican Republic, promoting research and protection of our rich marine and coastal biodiversity.

The Vespucci arrives in Santo Domingo: agreement between the Navy and the Ong Visionando

On the occasion of the arrival in the Dominican Republic of the flagship Amerigo Vespucci, from 28 August to 2 September, the Italian Navy will sign an agreement with the "Visionando" for the "promotion of knowledge and enhancement of the issues of interculturality among peoples and environmental protection, as Fundamental Rights of Humanity". To announce it is the president of the organization Antonella Succi.

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