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Visionando is a non-profit NGO association, founded in August 2022 through the commitment of Italian and Dominican jurists, fundamental rights experts and university professors, based in the Dominican Republic, convinced of the need to promote knowledge and respect for fundamental human rights for a fair and sustainable future.

Visionando was born from the experience, in the field of fundamental rights, of its President, Avv. Antonella Succi, Lawyer in Rome, active for years in the protection of people, member of the Executive Board of the Forensic Union for the Protection of Human Rights, an association founded in 1968 by the jurists Prof. Giovanni Conso, Prof. Giuliano Vassalli, Carlo Fornario and Mario Lana.

The Secretary of the Foundation is Annalisa Melandri, a member of the Human Rights Commission at the Dominican Parliament, who has also been on the front line for years for the protection of fundamental rights in the international arena.

The scientific committee is made up of personalities from the world of law, science, civil society, culture, who have distinguished themselves for their particular attention to respect for fundamental rights and civil commitment for their protection in the international arena.

Visionando aims to promote human rights and the rights of peoples, the culture of democracy, the environment, tangible and intangible assets, equality and diversity, the fundamental rights of the person.

The scope of his scientific and cultural interests is the interdisciplinary one ranging from law to anthropology, philosophy, economics, sociology, art, up to interactions with science in the fields of bioethics and the environment, resources energy and digital technologies.

The Foundation intends to participate in promoting the debate on rights in the Dominican Republic and in other countries of Central and South America, as well as in Europe, through research, training, project implementation initiatives, including international ones, conferences, seminars, courses, book presentations , exhibitions, publications and services in traditional and digital formats.

The Foundation promotes the protection of fundamental human rights also through legislative proposals and interactions with institutions, the world of politics and the economy, and culture in general.

In fact, culture, as a fundamental right, is the indispensable element for the full development of the person, a factor of social integration and economic growth.

Culture is a universal element that contributes to the union of peoples and it is in this universal meaning that Visionando intends to start its business, promoting a great cultural event dedicated to the Dominican people and their origins, remembering the friar who was the first to pronounce, in year 1511, the speech to protect human rights.

Honoring the courage of Antonio Montesinos, a Dominican friar, who was the first to denounce the violations of the human rights of the Taino people, is the first act that Visionando intends to implement to affirm the fundamental principle sanctioned by art. 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, general culture as a human right.