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The Art of Human Rights: A Solidarity Event Organized by Visionando

Visionando presents "The Art of Human Rights," an extraordinary event to be held on July 6th at Borgo dei Cipressi - L'Aurora. The evening will feature an auction of artworks donated by renowned international and local artists, with all proceeds going to the foundation's projects promoting human rights.

In addition to the auction, the event will offer live music, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this evening of art, culture, and solidarity, and to support an important cause.

Support art. Support human rights.

XXVI Seminario Internacional

August 2023

Visionando at the start with an intercultural project between Italy and the Dominican Republic on the occasion of the arrival in Santo Domingo of the ship Amerigo Vespucci.

In programming

The signing of the agreement on board the ship Vespucci in the presence of the highest Italian and Dominican authorities and the Premiere Dame Raquel Arbaje Soneh.

August 25th at 7.30pm

Presentation of the intercultural project of Visionando, at the headquarters of the Casa de Campo.

August 31st at 5pm

ON BOARD VESPUCCI. Presentation of the cultural exchange project by Magister Art, supporter of Visionando, and leader of cultural projects in the world. .

August 31st at 6.30pm

Visionando, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in the Dominican Republic, will welcome Italian and Dominican university researchers in "Casa Italia", in the marvelous colonial city of Santo Domingo, a UNESCO heritage site, for the presentation of a scientific study on marine environmental matters. with the involvement of two experts from the Italian ISS, present on Vespucci for scientific purposes.

Womenempowermet Awards

21 SEPTEMBER 2023 at 18,00

Meeting Room Giulio Cesare Campidoglio Rome

Visionando receives the prize for the Social Category, assigned by the Honorary Committee